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Here are photos I have taken with the Polaroid camera! The ones on the right I had ordered with a gold rim. I used these for Christmas a couple of years ago.


  • The picture has a cool retro look to it
  • It is immediately printed out of your camera for keepsakes
  • You can now order them in different rimmed colors
  • I like being surprised by how the picture will turn out


  • You never know how to picture will turn out
  • It is hard to take a selfie
  • The film in today’s time is expensive.
  • It isn’t always as clear as a digital camera

I LOVE being surprised with the Polaroids because when you get a REALLY fantastic shot, it is gold! It has the ups and downs, so I try to only use this camera when there are special moments available or my loved ones are near!



In honor of one of my friends birthday this week, I wanted to post a few pictures of us and a great trip to California we had. She died WAY TOO YOUNG, at 25. In respects to her, I just want to remind everyone to cherish the moments you have with your friends, your family, and to be kind to those you meet. You never know why you meet the people you do until after or recognize why they are currently in your life. The students sitting next to us in class have everyday struggles, just like we do. All of the hate in the world today reminds us how important it is to hold the people dear to you close. She was an intelligent, young woman who thrived in the culinary arts. She loved to bake! She helped open up a restaurant and designed the dessert menu!

Her cupcakes were the BEST.

Here is to ANGELA.

Kool as a Kodamatic

This a camera that my grandpa used to take photos! My Aunt Gale handed it over to me while I was helping her clean out my grandmothers house! To my surprise, this was the perfect gift to add to my blog! I have never used one of these before, so I intend on familiarizing myself with it and producing a set of photos for us to see! With that said, her is a little information on the unique, aged, machine.

It was manufactured by Kodak in 1982. It has an automatic focus lens, which separates it from the Kodamatic 960. The Kodamatic 960 did not have this feature. It is a modern camera with a bellows arrangement, like a camera I have mentioned before. A bellow is an accordion-like, pleated, expandable part of a camera, that allows the lens to be moved with respect to the focal plane. This is used for focusing!

The best feature about this, is it prints your photos immediately, like a Polaroid! For those of you that do not know much about cameras, this is the easiest comparison!

In some of the research I have done, it has been said that I can use modern day Instax brand film to produce photos. I have yet to try this, but it is in the agenda! The Polaroid camera in one of my earlier posts is one that I have bought modern day film for. I purchased the film online through a company that specializes in making film for old cameras easier to access.

Stay tuned for photos from all of the cameras!


Polaroid Snap Touch

This is my Polaroid Snap Touch! My boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday last year. I LOVE IT. I have an old school Polaroid as well and I really like how those photos print in a snap. This one prints digitally. You get the option to choose, delete, print. You can even edit them, although, I do not use this feature very much! You can also download the app, which makes sending these photos to your phone easy! Then you can add them to “the gram” or whatever. Haha!

Canon AE-1

Here is another camera of mine! It is called a “Canon AE-1” It is a 35MM single lens reflex (SLR) film camera. Single lens reflex basically means a camera that uses a mirror and prism system. This allows the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what is going to be captured. GAME CHANGER!  It was made in Japan during 1976 to 1984. This camera has taken my parents wedding photos! I will feature those later! This is actually my favorite film camera I have had so far. The first film I developed was terrible!! I honestly think the film was old, but I put it down for a while to come back to it later and get some really great shots! This was a great camera back in the day with the SLR features, it sold so many cameras!


Stay tuned for old wedding photos of my parents!



Beginner Kodak

I wanted to share some of the cool cameras I own! I will later post photos taken by each one, except the first one. It is no longer functional. I obviously have a things for cameras! When I had started this blog, I had a hard time getting started, because I remember how film cameras are…not as convenient. This  has been the cause of my lack of productivity in this hobby. I really like the way different contraptions can take interesting photos.

The very first camera we have here is a ” No.1 Autographic Jr. Kodak Camera.” Kodak cameras were created by George Eastman.  This camera will fold into itself for easy store. Bellows, in photography, is the accordion-like, pleated expandable part of this camera. This allows the lens to be moved with respect to the focal plane for focusing.

The great thing about these old photos is not only the surprise of not knowing how it will turn out, but when you receive it and it’s actually good. The tones and contrast are like what I have never seen with digital cameras!




Since my camera is not functional, here are a couple of examples from an article written a few years ago!



Stay tuned!



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining Candid, created by myself, Krystal Rhodes. Come give your eyes something to feast on!

A very subtle difference can make the picture or not. – Annie Leibovitz


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